4 Web Design Tips to Up Your Game

Create Additional Space

When a site is filled with clutter, it can look too complicated and leave the readers distracted and feeling confused. For this reason, phasing out sidebars is an important consideration. However, instead of adding too many elements on a page, you should try to create more space. This way, a reader can focus on the important things, and at the same time, give you the opportunity to create visually interesting designs.

This additional space is called “whitespace”, otherwise known as “negative space”. This space does not necessarily have to be white, though, especially when you are creating a site with large images on your homepage and headers.

Reduce the number of clutter in your web design, and create more space all around and between elements as a guide for users to navigate your site. Whitespace can allow readers to focus their attention on what they need and want.

Responsive Design is a Must

The use of mobile devices increasingly grows each day, especially in terms of searching websites. This means to say it is more important now than ever to make sure that your websites can be accessed on a wide range of mobile devices. Therefore, one major web design tip to consider this year is to create a responsive web design. As technology further develops, you have to think beyond fluid layouts. Think about mobile optimized images, whether or not hamburgers are the best option.

Go Over Your Toolkit and Expand

Do you have any workflow tasks which could be more effective or enjoyable at the least? So, as a web design tip, you can always try to do some research to find new tools that can be more suitable for your needs.

In the same way that new web design tips are surfacing every now and then, new web design tools are also coming into view. These can range from new free apps to updated industry favorites designed for web designers. It always pays to keep an eye out for new tools that can help in improve your workflow and satisfaction levels.

Make Navigation Simple

You may think that adding multiple links in your navigation menu, blog posts, sidebar and homepage is effective in keeping visitors on your site, but on the contrary, it can drive them away to other sites. Complex navigation systems provide visitors with too many choices, making them too confused, and leaving your site.

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