5 Basic Strategies to Drive tons of Traffic from Facebook to Your Blog

Believe it or not your blog will lack traffic soon if you don’t leverage the power of engaging and promoting yourself and your blog on the various social networks nowadays. And today I am going to especially focus on how you can drive traffic from Facebook to your blog.

Now why am I trying to get you to focus on driving traffic from Facebook to your blog?

You can be on a honeymoon when it comes to driving organic search traffic from Google, BUT STOP! It’s possible you will wake up one morning to see that your blog has been slapped by some ANIMAL update of Google (like penguin, panda) and that’s it, YOUR GOOGLE HONEYMOON IS OVER!

You used to rank on page 1 and 2 for some keyword and the next morning you are not even on page 10!

Now, that’s real nightmare for a blogger!

But this is the time you could have rescued your blog somewhat, if you had not been totally dependent on just organic search traffic from Google and had actually worked on promoting your blog on the highly visited social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

So if you are one of those bloggers who just depend on organic traffic from search engines its high time you:

website  traffic increasing method

Drive Targeted Traffic from Facebook to Your Blog

Targeted traffic from Facebook means “high converting” traffic from these traffic sources. The traffic that arrives at your blog actually takes an action like

• Liking, tweeting or sharing your content
• Connecting with you
• Buying your services which you have put up on your blog
• Buying products from your affiliate links

So I hope you have understood the essence of “targeted traffic”. Now it’s time to list the strategies through which a blogger (you) can start to drive blog traffic from Facebook.

Staying Active is the key To Engagement

Now you can’t expect people to click your blog shares on Facebook, if you are not a social media active blogger. By this I mean to say, that if you don’t actively take part in various conversations and help provide solutions to problems, you would not be identified as an authority. And people love to read and visit blogs that are maintained by people who are an authority on that topic. So, to be identified as an authority you need to solve problems of bloggers and webmasters asked on various Facebook groups. Once, you enjoy a social clout, people will automatically start clicking you post updates on Facebook and you will easily be able to drive highly targeted traffic from Facebook to your blog.

Create an engaging Facebook page linked to your blog

Facebook pages are a must have for bloggers. Facebook pages should contain your posts as well as other catchy images, memes, jokes, inspirational stuff so that it boosts up the user experience factor of Facebook page and you are able to get maximum likes for your page which in turn will result in driving your Facebook Page Fans to your blog therefore increasing your blog traffic significantly. This may take some time to build up your fan base but in the long run you will benefit immensely from various engaging fan pages linked to your blog.

Gain traffic by sharing posts of other bloggers

Sharing and liking other people’s stuff really helps you to increase the visibility of your own blog as the other bloggers tend to return the favor you bestowed upon them. Like other blogger’s posts, share them and appreciate them on the hard work they have out in to create that blog post. By doing this you make sure that when your post comes out, people will come out to help you popularize your recent post by liking and sharing them as you had helped them popularize their previous post.

Pimp up Your Profile to promote yourself and your Blog

Jazzing up your profile goes in a long way in promoting yourself at a large scale. Give background information about your blog and your area of expertise. Dressing up your profile at the right places and doing it properly goes in a long way to drive insane Facebook traffic to your blog.

Now, this can be the best method to drive traffic from Facebook to your website during the initial days of your infant blog. Join as much as Facebook groups as you can that are related to the niche you expertise in. Now, once you have a collection of 15-20 Facebook groups with 1000 members in those, you can easily share your posts in front of an audience size of a massive 10,000 – 12,000. Now if you are able to present your posts strategically to this audience, one can easily drive immense targeted visitors from Facebook to his/her blog.

Final Word’s

So, for today these were the 5 methods I have successfully implemented to drive massive targeted traffic from Facebook to my blog.

Now, it is your turn to leverage the power of Facebook to boost up your blog’s visitor count by leaps and bounds.

If you feel you have more on this topic, please do feel free to write them in the comments section below.

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