How to write well optimized Title & Descriptions Tags

If you started a new blog/website or new content for the WebPages? Then the first thing you have to do is write a Meta title and Meta description for your website new pages before publishing or making the post live.



Title and Meta description of the WebPages are used by the all major search engines to display in their search results per page (SERP). In search engine results Meta Title plays an important role to bring visitors to your site and next important places goes to the Meta Description. To grab major search traffic share for your business keywords in search results rather than competitors, write a unique and creative title that lets visitor attractions to click and for better ranks

title and meta tag example

The post title and description that describes about the content of the web page in shorter words, search engines match the Meta data with the first two or three paragraphs of the page content to check the relevancy, this rule may vary one search engine to other search engines.

6 Tips to write SEO Optimized Titles & Descriptions

Character limits

write your page titles without exceeding 70 characters and description to 160 characters including spaces.

Targeted Keywords

use your targeted keywords in the title and description at least once for better optimization, make sure those keywords repeat in the site headings and first two paragraphs of the content. Don’t stuff the keywords in Meta data to avoid spamming. Google will compare the Meta data and content of your webpage to check relevancy.

Use Synonyms

write synonym words of the keywords to your titles due to that you can target different words for your content.


write unique page title and description for the each and every page in your site due to that you can avoid duplicates in Meta data and to increase site quality

Write creatively

write your titles and descriptions like small advertisements in Google search results that should be attracted to click your site. Use numbers in the titles like “4 Tips”, “5 ways”, “6 steps” .


By using questionable titles like “why”, “what”, “which”, “how” etc… You grab the attention of the visitor in search results and write an incomplete description if you used the questions in the title then there is a chance visitor may click website.


Note: Write the page titles and descriptions for the humans not for the search engines even though they are important for the SEO

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