How To Earn More Money With Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing

Unlike most of newbie bloggers think, AdSense is not the only way to earn money from a site or blog! Nevertheless, the fact is quite opposite, as there are several ways to monetize your blog.


Among these, affiliate marketing is one of the best you can go for. Besides the fact that you can become an affiliate of any products or services, web hosting is the one and only service each blogger or internet marketer can become an affiliate of!

For instance, if you have blogs on any of available categories, you can just start your web hosting affiliate campaign without having second thought.

However, one of the main problems is that most of newbie bloggers does not consider web-hosting affiliate as a big source, but they try to just depreciate it and hence depend upon AdSense for all their income!

Because of this fact, we would like to give you a comprehensive idea about web hosting affiliate programmes, and how can you use these programmes to earn more with from your blog. First, you should have some basics concepts of affiliate marketing.

Understanding Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Don’t you prefer good products or services to your friends or relatives? Same thing lies behind the working principle of affiliate marketing.

However, when it comes to the case of your blog, you have to prefer something over others to your readers, which would indeed be a massive audience.

While the real-life preference is monetarily beneficial, this will help you earn decent compensation from the company-web-hosting company.

affiliate tips

In the case, of hosting affiliate, it requires you to prefer your readers to use the service in such a way that they will use your reference link to purchase the service.

Once a user has signed up for the service using that referral link, a specific amount would be credited on your order.

If the amount reaches a specific amount, you can withdraw it using convincing method. So, the process is quite simple than you guess, especially if you have some good persuasion and convincing skills throughout writing.

affiliate marketing platforms

Since we are talking about web hosting affiliate, preferably, we would like to take popular web-hosting provider, HostGator, as the example! We will tell you other parts of this affiliate marketing practice in that way. We hope that you would be clever enough to prefer a established service provider to the less-popular one, as the reliability among users is concerned.

How You Persuade Readers to Use HostGator


Probably, writing a review of the web hosting service is the best way to attract customers to the product. In the case of HostGator affiliate marketing, as you might be using HostGator hosting for your blog as well, you can write a fully-fledged review of HostGator hosting service in a truly unbiased form, and attach the referral link in the appropriate part of the post.

HostGator Coupon

Actually, HostGator coupons are the best way to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Instead of letting the user purchase the service through your affiliate link, you can attract user to use your own HostGator coupon, which will in turn help your reader to save money while purchasing the service.

For instance, in the options of affiliate dashboard, you will have an option to create your own HostGator coupon and provide it to your readers. When the user applies the coupon on his/her HostGator order, the mentioned compensation would be credited to your account.

So, when using HostGator coupons for the affiliate marketing, the process is quite simple because you have to add the coupon that provides a good discount in your blog/site, and publicize the coupons through various methods.

This way, when a user wants to get some discount on the order, he/she will use your coupon, and your affiliate income will be high!


When compared to the other methods, use of banners is a quite old process, but it can give you notable amount of affiliate income if you have a good blog with heavy readership.

However, this methods seems to be attractive than the former ones, because the visual beauty of the poster may force the user to click on your advertisement, and get navigated towards the HostGator page through the referral link. In that way, you would be able to create noticeable amount of money through affiliate marketing.

Although you might be using all these methods in your blog to earn money from web hosting affiliate, you might not success in the venture. However, you can implement the following tips in your marketing endeavour to proliferate its potential of generating revenue.


• Before you start praising the hosting service, you have to make sure that you are using the same web host to power your website or blog. For instance, if you are using HostGator hosting for your blog, and then trying to promote Bluehost through your blog may some strong contradictions that even lead to destruction of users’ trust on your words. On the other hand, in order to get money through those things, you can use some other kind of promotion techniques such as text links or coupon links of other web hosting services to earn money.


• You have to be truly unbiased while writing review or talking about the hosting service. If you fail to be so, it will cause your readers to think that your sole purpose of these things is to make money and not to help the readers.

Viewing all these together, there is nothing wrong in saying that web hosting affiliate is something great when you’d like to generate more income through your blog. What is your opinion about this? We are waiting for comments.

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