Why Everyone Can’t Make Money from Blogging?

Blogs in the Blogosphere have definitely increased and many more blogs will be getting launched over the coming years. Seeing this increasing competition some people think that Make money from Blogging is not easy for them. I have seen that some bloggers quit blogging in 2 to 3 months which is just because they thought blogging to be easy but it didn’t happen for them. There are various reasons due to which blogging is not meant for everyone.

Here are few of the reasons for which make money from blogging not suitable for everyone

Choosing a Wrong Strategy for Blogging

If you don’t have good knowledge of blogging and you jump on to becoming a blogger then you will have many difficulties in getting success as a blogger. Some people choose a wrong blogging strategy and end up making no profits even after trying for a year or more.

Bloggers get success from blogging mainly because of their unique strategies which you may have never realized until now. Make money from blogging will never be easy for you if you don’t go for the right strategy. Targeting the right keywords and choosing the best strategy is very important if you want success from blogging.

Patience – One of the most important things required by Bloggers

Make money from blogging is not easy because everyone doesn’t have enough patience required to become a successful blogger. If you think that you have good patience then blogging may be good for you otherwise you will be just wasting your time.

patience is important in blogging

Even if you are not able to generate revenue from your blog after 6 months you shouldn’t quit as more time may be required for monetizing a new blog. If you will stay patient you may see increasing traffic to your blog and success will automatically come to you.

Over Optimization – Biggest SEO mistake done by many new Bloggers

SEO is something which every ordinary individual may not understand. Before starting a new blog you should try to get basic knowledge of SEO. If you will do over optimization then Google will penalize your blog. Over Optimization will just totally destroy your blog as your posts will not get ranked due to this over optimization.

The right way for any new blogger will be getting all the basic knowledge of SEO and then starting a blog. Make money from blogging is not easy for any new blogger who has no SEO knowledge as he may definitely do over optimization.

Very Less Participation in Blogging Community

With the increasing number of bloggers there is definitely a good chance to interact with many bloggers who have blogs related to your blog niche. Make money from blogging is not easy for few people as they never get time to stay active in blogging community. As a blogger you should always stay very active in the blogging community. You should always interact with other bloggers in the blogging community. More interaction with other bloggers will bring more comments and more social media shares which can be very useful.


Final Word’s

Make money from blogging is not easy as some people think that blogging is a great source to earn money. Some people don’t realize that blogging requires lot of knowledge and blogging may not be the right activity for them unless they get good knowledge about it.

I hope that you would have now realized the reasons due to which make money from blogging is not easy. If you will try to understand the reasons which make many bloggers unsuccessful then you may definitely become a successful blogger. Visit Digismak Daily for Awesome updated tips.

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